The size of your beard will determine which of our services is best for you.

Beard Maintenance


15-20 min. traditionally 1 length all the way around with a sharp lineup.  The upper mustache, top lip, bottom lip, and across the cheek blending into side burn, as well as nape of the neck.


Beard Shaping


30 min. This includes custom work with longer length (1-2 inches). Very smooth tapering of upper cheek, and a smooth transition into a longer length.


Beard Grooming


45 min.  This is beard grooming to fullest; upper taping on the cheek, and tighter tapering and hard line on top of neck.  From the profile, the facial hair dips down longer at the chin area, and tighter at nape of neck.  A hard line (or smooth) will be made to follow easily.  This includes a facial massage and hot towels.



Beard Tailoring


60 min.  A customization of beard grooming, but finished with a straight razor shave around the edges of the Beard.  This also includes a facial massage and hot towels.